Saturday, February 5, 2011

Patti Love!

Man, it sucks quite a lot when you are in a youtube clip and the still image makes you look like a dope!
Anyway, here is my book review of Just Kids by Patti Smith It is a Patti smooch fest because I just love that book and Patti and Mr. Mapplethorpe. You can see more book reviews on bookTVnz.


Kayla said...

you're so cute^^

Lila said...

What a charming review! I want to read it now.

Did you know that I accidentally took a bunch of rich European teenage students to a Mapplethorpe exhibition in Oxford?

This one:

Thankfully, being European, they were not too stunned or offended. And I played it cool, as if I had planned the whole thing. "So, why do you think people might find this offensive?"

Bahaha. :D

Jenna said...

Everyone should read this. Especially you Kayla, because you live in NEW YORK!
Lei, that is amazing...I took a Korean into a masturbation installation (I can't remember the artist - 60's performance man) at the TATE Modern. She was speechless. hehe!