Monday, January 17, 2011

Furry Flatmates

Lonely Miaow is an Auckland based charity that rescues abandoned and stray kittens, then socialises. de-sexes and microchips them ready for adoption. We decided to become a foster family late last year and just received our first batch of kittens! Lonely Miaow provide all food and litter and we just need to give them time and love.

This is Bosley and when he was found he was black with dirt! Poor wee dear. He is only 5 weeks old and is just the cutest wee baby. He has never had a Mum, so needs a bit of help with bum wiping but he'll soon learn!

This is Herbie Flowers. She is 8 weeks and actually already has been adopted, so we will have her for about 3 weeks. What a beautiful face!

And here is dear wee Felix. He was so, so timid at first but now he is all smoochy and delicious. He's 8 weeks and already adopted just like Herbie Flowers.

So fun!


wreninkorea said...

Oh Jenna - so so sweet.
Good photos too

ok korea said...

yes yes yes!