Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Walk Through the Land of Miracles

I met a man called Simon Winchester at the bookstore recently while his was on a book promotion tour. Somehow we got chatting about Korea and he told me about how not only he walked up South Korea in the 1980's but he wrote a book about it.
I promptly ordered and read the book:

Simon walked from Jeju to the DMZ - following a route that a group of Dutch sailors walked in 1633. I am currently in the very beginning stages of also walking this route in June next year, with the lovely Kerri Strothard.

I have been itching to travel again and find it hard to decide whether to discover new countries or go back to places I love. But I think that I should go back to visiting Korea while I still have my lovely friends that live there and that it will still be how I remember it.

Want to join us for a leg of the journey?

P.S. Kerri has just returned to wonderful Korea and is making some sweet as youtube videos - they're so cute.

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