Friday, October 8, 2010


I have recently moved house and it is AMAZING.

If you did not know already, the beginning of my flatting life in Auckland was marred by a rather large World of Warcrafter flatmate who only left his lazy boy to go to drive through Wendy’s.

I now live halfway down Dominion Road (just like the song.)

Some awesome things about my flat are:

This is our doorbell:

Fruit Trees (grapefruit and lemon):

Two spare rooms (i.e. please come and visit and sleep here.)

A mere bike ride to work (7 minutes there, 3 minutes back.)


padgp said...

Your new place looks great! Can't wait to visit, will be coming up in the summer to say hello!

Jenna said...

Pllleeeeeaaaasssseeee come and stay! Can't wait to see ya Polls! XX

Lila said...

Cant wait ! I ADORE the doorbell.