Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leonard Cohen

On Wednesday, I found out that I would be taking pictures of the Leonard Cohen concert the next day at the Vector Arena. I was given a very scary looking contract that informed me that I could only take pictures during the first song, no flash and no publishing other than the issue of the publication it was intended for (in my case, The Groove Guide.)

When I rocked up to the venue, I was told that I was the only photographer and was escorted right to the front of the stage and with about 10,000 people behind me, I got to snap my little heart out of the silverest of all silver foxes in the universe. Oh my, when he fell to his knees to sing about a metre in front of me, I almost wet my pants with happiness.

After I handed over my camera, I was very kindly seated in fifth row centre to be entertained over four hours of stunning music. Leonard Cohen was captivating and absolutely gracious towards his amazing band and his audience. He took his hat off to listen to the solos and to bow and the end of each song.

It was such an incredible night!

An image I took is on the Real Groove website.


Kayla said...

beautifully written post! I felt like I was there:)

Marie ( said...

Wow, what a great description of your wonderful experience with Leonard. Lucky you! Leonard Cohen's World Tour comes to an end December 12. Tell him what his concerts have meant to you. Please sign the Thank You card that will be presented to Leonard on December 12. Details at the Speaking Cohen website:

ShoeboxSally said...

I'm soooo jealous - he's my all time favourite man - has been since I was 15 and sadly I've missed both his NZ visits

Jenna said...

Shoebox Sally! Nice to hear from you! You should definitely try to see him sometime, no matter the cost it will be worth it.