Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Before my time at Time Out, there was a famous cat who lived there for twelve years called Oscar. Sadly, he passed away (but is kept in a wee box on the mantelpiece upstairs.)
My boss decided it was time for a new kitten and she has been called Lucinda (a nice homage to the former Time Out feline from the book "Oscar and Lucinda.") She is the most distracting, yet best looking co-worker one can have.


Anonymous said...

so does Lucinda live at the shop? what does she do at night? does she have a cat door? she is very sweet...

Jenna said...

While she's little, she's going home with my boss at night. There is an upstairs area with a balcony and a cat door which is cool. (Oscar never left the bookshop at all!) So cute! and she's about twice the size now too!
Nice to hear from you! XX