Monday, June 21, 2010

from under the sheets...

I am currently making the most of the last of my FOUR DAYS OFF from work. It is 11.33am and I am still snuggled in bed. Yuss. Also, my flatmate is watching the All Whites vs. Italy game and it is taking all of my might to not run out and say "DRAW!" Heh!

I just had a lovely weekend with the Rachel Fairhurst, who departed chilly Dunedin to visit the slightly less chilly Auckland. We shopped, coffee-ed, Fleet FM gigged, French market-ed, wined and talked so much my voice is sore.
Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence (does this mean the past weekend even happened?) because my camera is at work, ready to capture anything remotely cute that Lucinda does. (This is slightly sad, but necessary.)

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