Thursday, May 27, 2010

PUFFIN'S 70th Birthday

Puffin publishers are the amazing people that have brought us all things Roald Dahl, The Hungry caterpillar,Hairy Maclary, Meg and Mog, Bad Jelly the Witch and pretty much all amazing children's books.
I made a window dedicated to the evolution of the puffin logo.

We also held a birthday on a Saturday afternoon at the bookstore. I was commissioned to bake 70 cupcakes, which has been one of my favourite job tasks to date.


Elizabiscuit said...

your job is a very cool job indeed

Kayla said...

I just LOVED it!

Lila said...

Aw wow, I love the expression on the boy with the stripy shirt's face. SO in awe (of the cupcakes).

I see where he's coming from..