Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I managed to get a whole FIVE DAYS OFF over Easter. Amazing!
So far I have managed to see some music at Wine Cellar, do lots of washing, read most of "Solar" by Ian McEwan, eat Stu's delicious breakfasts, load 900 wedding photos onto my computer, garden and bake. Unfortunately, no biking though as my tire popped and it is being repaired.

We also managed an Easter day trip an hour up North to Matakana.

Just up past there is where Sarah has family holiday digs.

We swam (I went in waist deep, way warmer than ol' Dunedin) and took in the lovely serenity.


Richarquis de Sade said...

Hey, where exactly is that? I spend a lot of time in Whangateau, a few minutes past Matakana, just before Ti Point, at my friends place.

Jenna said...

I couldn't remember when I was writing last night, but just googled it. Tawharanui! Pukeko were roaming around next to the beach. It looks a lot like Sandy Mount and around the Peninsula in Dunedin.