Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being booky

My job at the bookshop is going really well. Everyday I am doing something different - yesterday I spent half an hour chatting to a customer about Dick Frizzell, I unpacked some books, prepared some nibbles for our event for the New Zealand Fashion Design book by Angela Lassig and photographed her talk.

My favourite thing to do at the moment is to be the window dresser!
So far I have made an art studio, an Peter Rabbit/Easter bunny wonderland and packed it full of balloons and toys for the school holidays. In preparation for the Fashion book event, I made it look like a wardrobe. My favourite part is the floral "wallpaper" (really it's wrapping paper.)


Lila said...

Aww Jenna you are too talented and amazing ! Your window display is incredible, it looks like it's from some high-end vintage department store mixmash. You're ridiculous.

Love you and miss you. Dunedin is a bit grayer without you.

ShoeboxSally said...

good job! - Julia

Jenna said...

You're both so kind and lovely. I think window dressing could be a great career.

Boo to Dunedin's greyness. Boo boo boo! come to Auckland! ^^