Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still growing...

So sorry for my lack of updates. Though, I feel like I am always apologising for this...so I should probably stop. It's all a bit routine here at the moment and I'm finding it hard to think of what to update you on. Korea was filled with exciting new adventures every weekend and I felt a bit more compelled to write and photograph memories, while in Auckland there's only so much seed growing and baking I can show you. However, this weekend I am going to PALMERSTON NORTH for the first time ever - so who knows what amazing stories will come out of this upcoming trip!

I thought I better add this picture that my stepmum sent me. This is my sister Eylish and my Dad with Eylish's sunflowers that she grew all by herself from seed. I'm jealous! 
Eylish turns 5 and starts school this week. Holy!

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Kayla said...

oh i LOVE this picture!!!