Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Road Trip #3: Whangarei

Continuing my journey of my unseen New Zealand, I squeezed in the car with the band and we drove from Raglan, through Auckland and two hours north to Whangarei which was exciting because I had never been up this far.
The reason I wanted to got to Whangarei, was to catch up with this fabulous character (who is still rocking in his Korean gears):

Tom and I completely chilled out for two days at his family home - he showed me around his new dentist office at Whangarei hospital, took me up Parihaka hill, we walked along the harbour and took me to eat some delicious food.
Here is his amazing dog Lulu chillaxing on the deck:


Lila said...

I love these photos! So happy you're blogging again.

Kayla said...

Oh Jenna it looks amazing! Me too me too I'm so happy you're blogging again^^

Jenna said...

Oh I am so happy I was missed! It gives me blogging motivation.^^