Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rabbit's House

On the journey to Auckland, we stopped at my amazing Great Rabbit's house in New Plymouth - she is my Great Aunty and her name is (legally) Rabbit. The house was my late Great Grandfather's (his name is still on the letterbox) and is pretty much left in all of its retro glory.

Rabbit is probably one of the funniest people I have ever met, we have written letters to each other for years. She will never let me take a picture of her though, I managed to sneak one of her feet. 

My Great Grandfather moved to New Zealand from Ireland when he was sixteen. When I was born - Dad was too scared to tell him that he had become a seventeen year old father, so he waited until Grandad came down to Dunedin for his 21st birthday to break the news. Grandad was actually pretty stoked with his instant four year old Great-Granddaughter and I called him Grandad Christmas because of his long white beard.

Here are his war medals, they were never claimed and Rabbit just recently received them. She had no idea he had fought in Africa - he never talked about the war.

Here are some amazing photos he took in the war, I love the one of the nude soldier washing in the desert - so candid and funny. 


gigi said...

I really love these photos and I LOVE the name Rabbit. How wonderful! Was her name always Rabbit? Or did she change it? I shall write it down in my notebook of grand names.

Lovely post.

Jenna said...

She was born with the name Margaret, but has been called Rabbit since she was a kid (big teeth) and she got it changed a few years back. She's awesome! I wish I took more photos..but there will be time for more!

Thanks G!