Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweet Views

On Sunday, on my way back from Arrowtown, I stopped in at Cromwell to see the Jodie Jodster. We had some delicious Pinot Noir at Wooring Tree Vineyard. To the left of the picture in the background, you can just make out Cromwell's ridiculous yet amazing "Big Fruit" monument.

Later on in the evening and back in Dunedin, Lei and I drove around the top of the Peninsula, where skinny low clouds sat around the Otago Harbour. 

Then to the right, out to the Pacific Ocean - some lovely views were to be seen. These were taken about 9.30pm, I love late summer days!

Then tonight, while walking back from my bus after an amazing Japanese dinner with Tom and Kate - the amazing bluey blue evening was looking fabulous at 10pm.


Elizabiscuit said...

you've made me miss Dunedin BAD

Lila said...

Haha, jinx Jenna - I also photographed the bluey sky you saw with Tom and Kate.

From my window and then from the top of signal hill.


Jenna said...

Liz! you're coming back soon aye?

Leila! great minds think alike.^^

Julia said...

A person could get homesick - and then the thought that it might still be light at 9.30pm - aaaahhhh

Elizabiscuit said...

hopefully! beautiful cupcakes, btw