Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, the day has come!! My 25kgs of extra stuff has arrived from Korea. THANK GOD!
They looked a little battered...

...but everything was completely fine AND I can't believe how much I had forgotten I had owned in 7 weeks. 
Korean postage is only cost 70,000 to send 25kgs from Incheon to Dunedin by air. 
I must admit that because I had sent them in such a hurry and in my blur of sending and a lack of Korean vocabulary on postage - I wasn't completely sure on what I had asked for. 
Also, I had lost my slip with the code of my lack of patience also didn't help my nervousness about my boxes arriving.
Now, my faith in the Korean postage system is restored! and I have an explosion of clothing, books and paper all over the living room.


Julia said...

Korean Post - awesome aye?
They are a great service.

Richarquis de Sade said...

Was anything crushed, or bent around or whatever? I'm sending my music gear home - 2 x synthesizers, a sampler, a drum machine, a pair of digital turntables, plus laptop, hard drive and some books and clothes. I'm gonna be packing everything super-carefully, wrapped in blankets and stuff, and insuring it all, but I'd hate to find it damaged at the other end - The consequent bullshit would be a nightmare to resolve.
My camera gear is all coming with me on holiday though - Yay!

Jenna said...

Nothing was damaged whatsoever. Mind you, I have mostly clothing but a few ceramic items were wrapped in scarves etc. The boxes were a bit battered. I never got tracking post, I would recommend this for piece of mind.
Can't wait to see your travel photos!!