Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Heart P.C. (Saturday)

Port Chalmers is the type of place where you would run into all of your friends on the main street and for some reason all of our friends were sifting around "Ye Olde Bottle Store."

So we were back at Chicks again for more great music. I was too busy listening to pay attention to my photography skills - so just took a couple of snappy shots for your visual pleasure.
This is Panther & the Zoo. It was the first time I had ever heard them and I liked it. Beatle-y rock and harmonies, cute lyrics and a Julian Casablancas-y voice (I think they would get this description all the time.) It was great to bop along too.

Then it was time for Lawrence Arabia - I've already mentioned my love of Apple Pie Bed.. I haven't seen James Milne play since I saw the Reduction Agents play at Camp A Low Hum 2008 and it was just as wicked - Chicks was packed to the brim, everybody was dancing like crazy to the ridiculous harmonies and it was everything an awesome gig should be. It's all I need to say. 


Lila said...

This post makes me really happy to be home.

gigi said...

Oh my goodness! In that bottle shop photo I spied so many good people!! Where's the token bad egg? Your group is seriously missing one.

Jenna said...

No bad eggs, but it's missing an egg. You!