Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Heart P.C. (Friday)

There is a lovely place called Port Chalmers - about 20 minutes out of the Dunedin city centre and to where few buses frequent. I used to feel a bit sorry for the Port Chalmers crowd - always having to sober drive or pay $50 to taxi home whenever there was a gig in town.
Well now the Port Chalmers crowd can laugh in glee as the best bar for gigs in Dunedin is at Port. We "townies" now have to venture far and wide along the windy road to Chicks to hear great music, like....

the grunty guitar of DELANEY DAVIDSON!

and the surf-tastic THE GHOST OF TAPEMAN!!

This amazing three legged dog ran around to the music. So cute!


gigi said...

Ahoy there, three legged dog!!

Julia said...

Port! Now you are making me homesick.
And, as you can imagine, it is cold here.
Actually am back for a fast trip in January...

Jenna said...

Really?! What dates? I bet this will be when I am in the North Island. I leave on the 15th.
And don't worry - it's cold here too! We had good old hail today brrrrr!