Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear Norebang,

How's it going? I hope you are coping without me, since I have left Korea. I've really missed you - especially the tambourines and free ice-cream.
I have to tell you something...I went to karaoke last night. I know norebang and karaoke are pretty much the same thing, but it still felt weird. (And there were no tambourines.)
Stu got his Roy Orbison strut on...
You will be happy to know that I sang our usual hits, "She's like the wind" by Patrick Swayze and "Hey ya!" by Outkast, Logan did some great back up harmonies and so did Rach! (Though I wish she'd do more.)

I hope you enjoy the pictures,

Love Jenna xo


Anthony said...

you guys are awesome!! see you soon!!

Jenna said...

There was a specific moment when we said, "We need to come back with Anthony."
Shee you Shoon! xo

Alex said...

i am so in

...29th or 30th? after some 30th curry daddy BYO perhaps?

Especially if the Big O is involved.