Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Veils

I always forget how good The Veils are and I managed to listen to a bit of their new album on my Air New Zealand flight as I landed into Christchurch. Their gig at Sammy's was well packed with an overly excited audience, the sound was pretty amazing, as was the on stage presence. They played an awesome set list also. Me likey.

And this is my favourite Veils song:


White Rice said...

Wow. Thanks for the turn on to The Veils. Never heard of them before this post. As a result, I bought "Calliope" and I am hooked. Personal new favorite is one called "The Leavers Dance."
And I'm not one who usually takes recommendations because of my so-called niche tastes.

Jenna said...

That is wicked! I never thought that my readers actually go ahead and listen to the youtube posts but I'm so glad you did! Also, I think NZ music scene is relatively unheard of past Australia.
Their first 2 albums are really good - I haven't heard the 3rd one as much but will listen to it more soon.
Their live set managed to capture the essence of the recorded tracks so it was great!