Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tours, France

Stu and I were very lucky to have a French holiday with his Mum and Dad. We flew into Tours, which is in the centre of France. It is full of splendid, peaceful, picture-postcard scenery and a lot of wine.

This is our adorable gite, complete with fireplace, horse and lovely French landlords.

Our little town had a  church built in 1100 and of course the boulangerie, boucherie, passtiserie etc. etc. 

So many beautiful chateaux with beautiful gardens, we also visited Leonardo Da Vinci's house. My 7th form Art History self was very excited.

Autumn is well and truly about here, it was chilly but still nice and sunny.

The French cyclists were adorable.

Pretty much, we just ate a lot of French cheese, baguettes and meat on picnics or cooked in the wee kitchen, drove around the country side, drank a lot wine next to the fireplace. Bliss!


Julia said...

Did you find a Paris Baguette?

Jenna said...

I found Paris.
I found many baguettes, but not the two combined unfortunately.