Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sophie Calle at Whitechapel

Sophie Calle is one of the artists that inspired me the most during my study at art school, so I was sooo excited to be able to see her retrospective "Talking to Strangers" at the Whitechapel gallery in East London.
My favourite part of the exhibition was the largest work "Take Care of Yourself" which took up the entire ground floor. When Calle was dumped via an email, she asked 107 different women of different ages and professions to analyse and interpret the letter. Each woman was photographed and filmed reading the letter and their response was displayed also, where it be a copy of the letter filled with gunshots (by a riflewoman) or dissected grammatically by an editor. 

Upstairs, was more of her older works - the infamous address book, the decorated telephone booth in New York etc.
As both a photographer and a writer her work can be exhausting as there is often heavy reading as well as emotional work that questions relationships, while documenting life and creating everyday happenings.

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