Thursday, November 26, 2009


SITE09 is the graduate show for the art school. I did this a couple of moons ago and it was nice to come back and see all of the great new artists that are about to step out into the real world.

First, look at this cute photo of Rachel at the opening..

I am really awful and didn't note down the names of the artists for the work that I photographed. But I thoroughly enjoyed this live skype feed of a security guard. It was interactive and it could have been quite fun to mess with him as he was really hopeless security, being in the States. I wish I could have watched him interact with a stranger as they would think they were watching a video. 

Some of the works with fabric were quite impressive and inspired me to get my stitching on at some point.

Alex Mackinnon had a wall of musical goodness. You could feel the vibrations while standing in front of the symphony of wires and speakers.

This was my favourite work by Sophie Black. It's a film that portrays life in the tiny town of Mataura. Shots that play like slow moving photographs perfectly capture the quietness of the town - with the odd fire drill, keyboard concert or school play fitted in between.

Rohana Weaver had the big sculpture favourite that showed a huge dedication to work ethic and knowledge of form. It is very impressive - I just wish I could find out more behind the concept of the work.


gigi said...

All the art is really so cool however I think the photo of Rachel is the best. She looks so beautiful! Swoon.

Lila said...

Yeah seriously, she's out of control.

Jenna said...

I KNOW! It was a photo I could not not put up! x

The Hidden Dog said...

Hey! Thats me! im the security guard ahhaha it was me (alex Lovell-smith) and mishca hill. It was a lot of fun messing with people...

Jenna said...

Wahoo! Hey Alex - that was wicked. I love real time internety stuff - it's gonna look really retro (in a good way) in a few years.