Monday, November 2, 2009

Korean Vampires in London

On my last night in London and still on our Halloween buzz, we went to see the movie Thirst (박쥐), written and directed by Park Chan-wook.
It is meant to be a horror, but I found it more to be a black comedy - in true Korean humour. A priest puts himself up for a medical experiment - in which he is needed a blood transfusion and is given vampire blood. We then follow his moral dilemma of devoting his life to God while wanting shag his friends wife silly.
It's a pretty schexy movie (the first Korean mainstream movie to show full frontal male nudity) and the cinematography is absolutely stunning. However, it is loooonng (2.5 hours) and a few scenes could have been left out of it - it's also one of those movies that I think you love it or you hate it (in the same vein as how people respond to Wes Anderson films) but I thought it was pretty awesome.

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