Sunday, November 8, 2009

Goodbye Kimchi

It might seem a bit confusing, but what happened is that after I finished my contract in Korea, I went to London, went to France, went back to London and then flew from there back to Korea to pick up my things on a 3 day stopover before going back to New Zealand.

Phew! Lots of flying happened!
What is the best way to spend my last days in Korea? (While being jet lagged and frantically trying to pack.)
- Hang out in a giant box

- Eat Shabu Shabu

- Get a dotty manicure to match my dotty tea cup

- Eat cupcakes (ALWAYS) but this time with Stella!

- Get my photo taken against a beautiful wall

- Take a picture of a gorgeous little Korean

- Say goodbye to my favourite characters from Hongdae

Also...(things that are not photographically documented)
- Drink kiwi soju cocktails
- Eat more cupcakes
- Visit the ajosshi's in Insadong
- One final kimbap from my local
- Watch amazing Korean ads
- Eating mint chocolate ice-cream at Baskin Robbins

Two very beautiful things happened on my way out of Korea.
- An Ajosshi RAN to help me with my suitcase up the subway stairs. (This is quite normal but still much appreciated.)
- When I was walking down the street, a little Ajosshi came up to me and fixed the collar on my coat. Stunning!

Oh and just to mention...I'm going to keep my blog going. Just because I like writing it.

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