Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nami Island

If I back track one day before Hong Kong - my last day at work was a lovely trip to Nami Island (off Incheon) and I don't think my last day could of been any better! Nami Island is beautiful and definitely shows the best of autumn.

Aw hello home! I'm gonna see you soon! On the ferry to Nami...

This is my work crew - the foreign staff has turned over in the last few months, minus a few exceptions. We played team building games and the like.

We hired one of these amazing bikes, which steering and braking seemed equivalent to my old 4WD, but on the opposite side of course.

Dog in backpack - always a favourite.

Ummm what other place in the world rakes their leaves into love hearts? Sigh!

Greer and I rode swan boats which was very tiring.

There was just lovely red, orange and yellow sights all around.

And the perfect end to a perfect Autumn day? Norebang bus. Yes yes yes.

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