Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hong Kong Suprise

Because I can't read, I realised not long before my flight to Hong Kong that rather than a 6 hour stop over, I was to have a 30 hour stopover! Luckily, I had already organised a dinner with Ian and D and this was just extended into a lovely weekend.

Here is the ridiculous view from their apartment...

I bought some Korean souvenirs.

Breakfast! Tea and Dim Sum.

General wandering in the heat. I had just gotten used to the cooler weather and now it was back to 31 degrees!

This was pretty amazing. On Sundays, all of the Filipino housekeepers and nannies gather all over the streets, build cardboard forts and sit, chat, sleep and play games.


Lila said...

Oh man! The view from their apartment is ridiculous. And Di is still *unsurprisingly* SO beautiful. Wow. I am super jealous.


Jenna said...

You should visit, there are sooo many foreigners. I am no longer a novelty. *sigh*