Monday, October 5, 2009

Chuseok Travels #2: Life in Sokcho

We headed out 4 hours east for the Chuseok holiday to the lovely town of Sokcho, which has a lovely seatown lifestyle. We explored the side streets to gain a feel of how the locals live and like Jeju, the housing is cosy and modest. It was nice to walk around and hear the clatter of dishes and children running in the garden, which I never hear in apartment filled Seoul.

The local Koreans were absolutely stunning and were happy to chat to us in Korean.

Also, Sokcho is the place to get all the dried squid you need. I personally think this squid is the nastiest smelling food in the world - but by the amount of squid farms around here I am obviously outnumbered.


Julia said...

gardens! - luxury!

ok korea said...


Jenna said...

Yes! This place should be visited!
It's so peaceful and lurrrrrvely.