Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My 까치 tattoo

Magpies may be known as an aggressive bird in my side of the world, but in Korea they are known as extremely lucky and their song is the bearer of good news.
I always have wanted to get a tattoo but could never decide on anything and then I started thinking about some kind of Korean memory I could mark on myself (without getting "harmony" in Korean written down my spine.) 
When I heard about the 까치, it was just the thing that I wanted without hesitation. I called my little friend Nam Cheol, the man who drew my face a few times in Hongdae. and he designed a perfect simple, sketchy drawing for me.
It's actually illegal to get a tattoo from anyone but a doctor in Korea, so the studios can be a little difficult to find. I found a comfortable, safe feeling, English speaking studio in Cheongdam and turned up in my prettiest non tattoo dress to get it done.
It was FILLED with US soldiers, they amused me constantly with their outbursts of manliness and their tattoos of tattered American flags. But hey, if they were coming back to this studio for more - it must be good.

Also, I think it was fate that my artist shared my degree, my glasses and that his name is Potter. Very cute.

It hurt A LOT less than I thought it would and now it is just healing nicely - soon the scabby bits will fall off and it will all be a part of my skin. Tattoos are getting a little more accepted in Korea, but in the older generations eyes I am probably a gangster. That's ok with me.


padgp said...

Jenna that is so cool! Can't wait to see you xx

Jenna said...

It's soooooooooo soon! XXX