Monday, September 28, 2009

Jeju-Do I love you: Day 2

The first day on the scooter was so tiring! Kerri and I skipped the Love Motel and slept at the Jimjilbang, waking up to an amazing ajumma body scrub and massage with a fresh cucumber mask. My woman was so thorough she even tea bagged me in the eye sockets with her boobs.

Fresh and with skin as smooth as a baby's bum, Kerri and I decided to get on the scooter and go wherever it took us. There was words of a thunder storm and the winds were mightily strong but I have good balance, so knew we would be okay. Off down the west coast we scooted, it was so awesome because we could stop whenever we wanted to take pictures along the way.

We ended up in really rural areas, there was not an apartment building in sight and it was just beautiful. The children were absolutely adorable and the lifestyle and architecture was modest, yet charming.

We came across the most crazy amount of wind turbines, there were 12 in this area. The wind was so strong the noise was a little frightening, they were spinning so fast.

There were so many people fishing, I was desperate to get a photo of the Haenyo, Jamyo and Jamsu (women seaweed divers) but I only spotted one in her wetsuit as we were zipping too fast to stop.

The pictures end there because it started raining, which wasn't too bad because it wasn't cold but we got pretty wet, even my leather couldn't save me as water creeped down my neck and sleeves. We also got completely lost (in an interesting, not worried way) and when we thought we were traveling north, we realised the water was now on our right side and we had actually ended up in the South. Scooter rental pending, we spend right up the middle of Jeju on the motorway, in the rain, going 100km along with the big trucks - it was pretty exhilarating, wet and I was pleasantly suprised at my brave driving skills.

Afterwards, we met with Kerri's Korean friend Adrian, who took us to the most amazing bibimbap restaurant I have ever tried. They used barley rice and peanuts - holy it was delicious!

He then took us to a graveyard that had an amazing view over Jeju city. Unfortunately, the fog covered the view but I managed to get some ghostly pictures of the gravestones.

Monday morning, we jetted back to Incheon for work, boo hoo. I really wish I had 2 more days to go along the south and east coast of Jeju, cruising inland to see more waterfalls and mountains - 2 days just wasn't enough! It's made me realise that scooters are an amazing way to travel and I think this is how I would like to see more of the world.


ok korea said...

Sounds fun!

Also, glad you guys are in one piece.

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Jenna said...

haha Mark, me too - the cars were either not very patient with us or they would slow down and wave. hehe!

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