Monday, September 28, 2009

Jeju-Do I love you: Day 1

If you asked any Korean what to do in Korea, most would say go to Jeju Island. It's at the bottom of Korea and is the ultimate honeymoon destination for newlyweds, only a short 1 hour flight away from Seoul.

These pair of white shoes amongst the black were my first favourite thing that I saw.

We hired scooters for the weekend, which was the best idea EVER. It's illegal to drive without an International license but we rebelled against the law and risked it. I got an 80cc beast to carry Kerri on the back - only 60,000W for the 2 of us for 2 days - bargain! I was prepared for anything with my sweet leather ensemble. 

We spent the first hour or so getting a bit lost...

...and then attached ourselves to this lovely couple from Suwon. Pretty much we pulled up to an intersection together and they were also looking confused with a map and we followed them from there. Forever in debt, I have no idea whether they enjoyed their foreign stalkers or not.

The coastline of Jeju is unbelievable. So blue and so green - reminds me of New Zealand. The funny shaped rocks are to break the size of the waves.

We went in a maze.

Saw some cuties (as usual.)

This is dragon head rock - all of the lights in the sea are fishing boats.

We then shouted our forced guides to dinner. Without them, we would have been going round in circles the entire day.


ok korea said...

You're pretty badass in leather.

Jenna said...

Cheers Mark. The leather serves a double purpose - I maybe badass but I am also more protected against the elements.

White Rice said...

I quite enjoyed your jeju travelogue. Thanks!

Jenna said...

Also, thanks for linking me to your blog - what fabulously told stories.