Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fat Hand

I'm not sure if you actually want to look at pictures of my medical problems but I think I need to demonstrate how lethal the Korean mosquitoes are.
Normal Hand:

Fat Hand:
So itchy!


MissS said...

You have, what my mom would call, sweet blood. :/ The mosquitoes love you! They love me too. The last time I was in Seoul, it was during the summer and I was bitten all over my legs and ankles. No fun. I hope the swelling goes down soon!

Jenna said...

It's gone now - thank god! I was having visions of my hand having to be cut off!

Lizzie said...


This is what happens to me whenever i get itchy bitten... on my legs they get huge and hot and it hurts to walk :( If it happens again see if you can find a Hydrocortisone cream. it reduces the swelling, but not the itchy...

Jenna said...

Thanks Lizzie! I hope you are still having a great time in Melbourne! x