Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Amatuer guide to Seoul #3: Gwanghwamun Plaza

While researching this, I realised (while feeling quite lazy) that I couldn't explain it better than my nice day! who has a nice timeline of the trials and tribulations of the Gwanghwa Gate.  And lucky for you, their information and knowledge is not so amateur.
But in short, we visited the recently opened Gwangwhamun Plaza and it was lovely. A perfect Seoul farewell for Mark & Colleen.

I hate to think how many pictures of the man on the left in this pose there are. He was a nice common feature for our pictures I guess. SEOUL LOVE!


cahayachenta said...

wow a very amazing pic... actually i already seen this place inone of korean drama.. how lucky u have been there..

Jenna said...

Thank you.^^
It's so beautiful and the history is so interesting.