Saturday, September 12, 2009

Alice's Wedding

Korean weddings are a little different from what I have been to before. Alice (my co-worker) looked like a beautiful pavalova, before the ceremony she sat on a chair in a tiny room and we could get pictures with her.

The ceremony was in a massive wedding hall where many weddings are being held at the same time. Also, the amount of professional photographers were ridiculous, I caught a shot without them here but they were on top of the bride and groom the whole time.

There was a sea of ajjuma perms and people talked to each other during the ENTIRE ceremony. I think only the parents were paying attention.

Alice and her new husband bowed to their parents. 

Pink neon lights and confetti!

Oooh baby!

We then shared a buffet with all the other wedding guests of all the other weddings. Alice and her husband changed into their lovely hanboks - so cute and happy! It was all over by 2pm.

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Alex Pigeon said...

Give my congratulations to Alice for me!! ^^