Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is Wolmido.

The highlight of Wolmido is obviously MYLAND!
It's so bright, pretty rusty and I have heard rumours of it having had the 3rd highest accident rate of an amusement park.

My peeps were not fazed about heading up on this tinny thing.

There were perfect amusement park characters around.

More sweet characters were to be found on the boardwalk. The man is demonstrating the sweet-as summer hanbok. Because, my dear friends, it is freaking hottsies in Korea at the moment.

I met this gorgeous man, who was selling toys. I took a portrait of him and then he wanted to play with my camera and take one of me.

Couple T's were rampant. Including...a FOUR person family look. Now that's commitment.

When the weather is this sweat-tastic, the kids go nuts in these fountains which seem to be everywhere.

This little kid is having too much fun to let wee wees take up too much time.

Anyway, 'twas a lovely day hanging with my chingu's under sun umbrellas.

In 2014 there is going to be the Incheon Asian Games and because of this, most of this is going to look very different. They are building a brand new MYLAND next door - which is a little sad because it's a bit boring when everything brand new.

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