Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday skyping and biking.

After staying out to 4am the night before I crashed on Jade's couch and awoke to amazing internet stuff. Jade's friend from Thailand's sister was getting married so she set up the skype camera in the living room so we could watch.
It was so funny as we sat and watched the guests come and go and had a few Thai ladies peering into the computer, wondering what these two sweaty, morning haired voyeurs were doing.
Like flies on the wall, we watched the Buddhist monks prepared for the ceremony.
Oh the wonders of the internet! But of course the connection was lost just before the bride and groom arrived. Everything is awesome until it stops working.

I then sat on the back of Jade's bike and we rode around the neighborhood. So fun - it reminded me of being Stu's bike buddy...sigh!
Next time I'm gonna build up my courage to ride like this:

We then headed to Dragon Hill Spa in Yongsan. So busy but lovely. I had a facial and freed my nudey tired body around all the spas and saunas - the best cure for a late night.


ok korea said...

the webcam images are amazing. and i'm jealous of your bike ride.

Jenna said...

Hehe it was pretty weird watching it but I think people should skype on group occasions more often!
I think we should all go tandem bike riding very soon. i.e. before you leave.