Sunday, August 23, 2009

State Funeral of Kim Dae-Jung

Hey watch this:

We attended the State Funeral of Kim Dae-Jung - partly for photo taking and partly to pay respect for South Korea's first democratic leader and former President. I keep learning more and more about this amazing man - why can't all world leaders be like him? He died at 85, of pneumonia on Tuesday.
The crowds were huge, all wearing white visors and staring at the large screens feeding from the National Assembly building across the road.
The sun was scorching and I was welcomed by ajumma's who shaded and feed me iced coffee. At the procession, the crowds waved to the hearse saying "annyeonghi gaseyo" (goodbye), it made me very teary. An elderly man came up to us and said "Thank you for coming." Aw my heart breaks at the loveliness of Koreans.


Julia said...

that would have been hot !

Jenna said...

I'm suprised I didn't see any fainters!