Saturday, August 15, 2009

Seoul Fringe Festival

The Seoul Fringe Festival is currently running in Hongdae for the next 3 weeks and on the opening night we were lucky enough to stumble above a beautiful dance performance down a dark alleyway.
I'm pretty sure we watched Improad Badac, an improvisation group who combine dance, music and painting. It was just lovely - pretty much some music was playing down this alleyway and a man came in and started drawing on the wall; he was joined by 3 other performers who did an amazing slow movement, wrappy roundy dance and it ended in they produced a similar scene to what the man had drawn and painted. Great use of light, space and movement.

Fringe Festivals are great - they are a fantastic platform for discovery, unknowing and spontaneity. All spectrums of art are covered and I think if you hang around Hongdae enough in the next few weeks you will most probably find something - you may not even know you are watching it.

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