Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I went on a giant photo taking adventure at Wolmido on Sunday - taking out my TLR 120mm and then my lovely new digi. Wolmido is part of Incheon, the 3rd biggest city on Korea. I live right on the border of Seoul and Incheon.
I'm pretty useless at socialising with my friends when I have my photo face on because I am constantly looking at new portrait possibilities and I found some lovely characters. I can't wait to delvelop my film!
The most amazing person I came across was probably the oldest and shortest Korean I have ever met. She had a face full of wrinkles, a infectious, toothless smile and a charismic aura that jolted from her tiny body.
She drank some water, told some stories, sang some songs and was comfortable with me taking her picture - even a large crowd of Koreans surrounded our wee table to check out what was going on. She started waving her hands around me madly and then gave me a thumbs up. I just found out that she is some sort of psychic so a thumbs up is good enough for me.
After about 30 minutes, she said she had had a good time and took off with her giant stick and black plastic bag.

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