Saturday, August 8, 2009

GoGo Star II

Holy. They rocked my lacy gloves. SO FUN!
GoGo Star have a crazy infectious energy that spreads immediately over the audience. The venue (Club DPDG in Hongdae) was awesome, it was a good size and the sound and lighting were fab-o.
I was so closies and also I realised my new camera is pretty kick ass in all lighting situations which makes me so happy.

I always feel sorry for drummers - it's so hard to get good pictures of them way at the back of the stage and it 'twas also the case in this gig.
Aw and I got my piccy with them too!


gigi said...

I love that girl. She is so total cool and wonderful, especially in that 3rd photo. You must be so happy with your camera purchase for taking such amazing photos like that one.

Jenna said...

Oh she is such a rocker and so cute. The masked keyboardist (it's actually paint) never speaks or changes his facial expression. So mysterious!
My new camera is so amazing, it actually makes things look better than they do in real life - why did I wait this long to buy one!!?