Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weeds and Te Reo

- This week is officially vacation week at our school and because of my lovely London excursions I am well out of holidays, so I have been strolling into work in my pyjamas and watching on average of 6 episodes a day of Weeds. It is amazing.

- After staring at the computer screen for too long I pop into the sun for some reading- just finished The Kite Runner. It was a lovely book.

- Today I went to have a quiet Korean din dins with my book and I was met by some of my favourite kind of starers at the restaurant - two wee kids. They were so funny and nonchalant about staring but these tiny cuties barely blinked and then would wave at me about every two minutes. Then the girl walked right along the bench seat straight up to my face - she leaned in so close that she pretty much gave me a hongi.

- Also, in New Zealand it is Te Reo Maori Week - which is our second official language. Dad just informed me that he went to school with the dancing robot man from this music video in Hawera.


Lilee said...

cool pics!

Jenna said...

aw these ones on this post are not mine! But they are beautiful! x