Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Mountaintops

In memorium of Tom in Korea and also my guilt in not having done some Seoul sightseeing in a while, we walked up Inwangsan Mountain in the sweltering summer heat.
This mountain used to be covered in white tigers! But now, is home to some small buddhist temples, a drinking mountain spring and some giant rocks.
We came across a sacrificial ceremony for buddha. I wasn't even thinking and just started taking pictures (so inappropriate - notice how the man has his hand up) but I got one, so I shouldn't put it to waste aye?^^
These ajummas didn't seem too happy that tourists were walking past.
We walked up a bit further and met this lovely wee man who was filling up all these bottles to take home from the natural spring.  Unlike NZ, drinking tap water is a big no no here but apparently this was fine. Tasted good to me! This man was a soldier in the Korean war. 
It was so freaking hot. I can't explain it.
But it was all worth it for the lovely Seoul views that just go on forever.
There are even a few peeps shacked up on this mountain - and with all the free water, why not?
Two ginge cats were the keepers of this Buddhist shrine - they were pretty chilled. I wonder if they hang around to eat the offerings left at the altar? Sneaky.
We didn't actually make it to the top and I feel like there was a whole section we missed out on but we were getting a bit too tiredsies, hotsies and hungries to do any more uphill motions.

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