Friday, July 17, 2009

Sleepy Detective.

I have this dilemma about my bed time. If I do not get to sleep by 12am, I think I might as well stay up until 1am to watch Sex & the City and then I don't get to sleep until 2am. Even though I have seen the entire six seasons 4 times since I have been here.
This sleeping pattern has happened ALL this week. 
Now that it is Thursday, I've been feeling pretty exhausted - so tonight I thought I would do things differently: I went to yoga, watched America's funniest home videos, read some David Sedaris and I managed to turn my lights off all before 12. 

Before I go on I need to back track a bit. 
On Monday, one of the adult students (not mine) were walking to school and a man came up behind her and covered her mouth, trying to drag her away, luckily she fought him off and continued to school - shaken but unhurt. Also, last week one of the foreign teachers were approached inappropriately by a man on our school grounds. 
We are so lucky nothing bad happened and it's absolutely horrific that these happened in our wee neighbourhood and during daylight hours, especially now because it doesn't feel as safe to walk around on your own.
When we were speaking about it at the meeting, I mentioned my vagina grabbing incident that happened in March and when told to the police they thought there might have been a connection between all three incidents.
I met with the police on Monday and they had someone in mind that it might have been. I told them through translation everything I could barely remember - an old strange Korean man, can't remember what he wore, didn't say anything etc. etc. I know that I would most probably know if  I did see him again.

So I was all snuggled up in bed, when one of the managers (who live at the dorm) called me.
"The police think they have the man, do you want to identify him?"
"Uhhh, ok"
"Alright, I will come and get you in about 20 minutes"
"We're doing this now?"
"Yes, they are bringing him here"

Oh Jesus.
"Are they getting the adult student to look at him?"
"Hmmm...shouldn't (the foreign teacher) look at him, because she only saw him last week?"
She was out and about. So it was left to me.
I waited outside while an unmarked police car drove towards us and a plain clothed policeman came up to us. (I should mention he was wearing tartan pants.) He signaled at a man who freely got out of the back of the car, casually shared a cigarette with the 2nd policeman. He was about 20 years younger than my creepo.

And here I am: 1am, ready to watch Sex and the City to distract me from this feeling of uneasiness. I really, really hope they get the other two women to confirm or unconfirm this man also, I know everyone would feel a lot safer if they knew whoever he was, was caught.
But of course, because I don't speak Korean I usually only get about a third of story so who knows what is happening. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Be safe! Weirdos are everywhere. I hope they catch the creep!

Anonymous said...

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Jenna said...

Sunny: Me too! Race definitely doesn't sift out the crazies!

Kwonsoonb: I've emailed you my address.^^