Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ocean World

We had been talking about going to Ocean World for about a month and the result was so depressing I can only write about it in simple bullet points.
- It took literally 6 hours to get there. Sometimes the problem with not speaking Korean is that you can miss the information for the "express" bus.
- I almost couldn't believe that we had made it.
- By the time we arrived, we were naturally pretty antsy and DYING to get on the slides.
- We lined up for 2 hours for the big ride, so we left at 7.30am to finally get wet at 5.30pm. 
- There are really only 3 big rides, one wasn't working so that left two.
- The wave pool was actually amazing. Every time the tsunami wave would come, they would play "Jaws" music.
- I don't even think the pictures of Soju girl everywhere made up for it for the guys.
- I found the express bus home - we got to Seoul in 1.5 hours. Phew!

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