Sunday, July 26, 2009

Jisan Valley Festival

After the atrocious transport situation the day before, I was a little apprehensive about traveling to the middle of nowhere again - but Patti Smith was calling me so I sucked it up and got ready for a 3 hour trip.
This was the inaugural Jisan Valley Festival and it was held over 3 days. It is the most beautiful area - lush green mountains completely surround the dip where a giant stage was set. Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Basement Jaxx had played previously but I thought Patti Smith and Oasis were the best of the line up so just decided to go on the Sunday. It was really well organised: Free buses from the subway station, heaps of staff, food and alcohol available.
I was lucky enough to have a fellow Patti die hard fan with me: the lovely Katie, we met up with Mark, Colleen and Kerri - so it was really a giant fun in the sun fest.
I got to drink G&T's out of a bag. It was awesome.
The partying was just too much for these sleepy Korean festival goers.
Some great characters were about.
In Korea, no matter how late, crazy, loud an event will be - you will always find children. These ones obviously have the coolest parents EVER!
Patti Smith is the last person I thought I'd see in Korea and she was the absolute main reason I came to the festival. She has an amazing presence that surrounds her, every word that comes out of her mouth is meaningful and thought provoking. Her voice was ridiculously strong and powerful and she seemed genuinely gracious and excited to be at Jisan.
Patti and Lenny Kaye ROCKED it. Best moments were when she opened with "Dancing Barefoot", the opening piano to "Because the Night", her beautiful Michael Jackson tribute and "Rock 'n' Roll Nigger". At 62 years old - she totally still has it. 
I actually cried with happiness.
As the sun set, we ate while Jet played and got ready for Oasis. I remember getting (What's the Story) Morning Glory? on tape for my 11th birthday, along with a black denim jacket from Hallensteins. I thought I was the shiz niz. Anyway, even though I haven't really caught on to their new stuff, Oasis always has a place in my heart.
They took a while to come on, while in the mean time we got told to sit down. It was squishy.

I really think that if I was in a band in concert and I stood back from the microphone, hearing the entire non English speaking audience singing every single word to my songs - I would be completely stoked. I was not completely stoked with the Korean girl singing every word, out of tune in my right ear. I give her 100% for enthusiasm though, but the singing so terrible it made me question whether I could ever sing in public again.

Liam was a prick.
Noel was lovely and hilarious.
It was exactly how I thought it would be. A fabulous bonus to my Patti.


Jenna said...

p.s. They also played Crowded House in the interval between Jet and Oasis. It was sweetso.

kls said...

"Whenever i fall, at your feet, you let your tears, rain down on----"

Jenna said...

AND Kerri! It made it more awesome that you knew all the words too! x