Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good News from Ellie.

Do you remember my old adult student Ellie? I just got this lovely email from her - she has been studying so hard and you can notice a huge improvement in her English. How proud I am of her and her new job!

Dearest. Jenna.

Hello! Miss. Jenna, how's going these days?

I'm always read your detailed stories in your bolg spot, kind of your big fan.

You seems happy every moment it looks good and lots of new places your trips were there, good to see all.

Through your camera, the shots I always see my country were changed that I was interested of all you took the photos.

Oh, and I've a good news about me, so I want to first tell you this.

^-^ Actually I got a job as a English teacher just for young kids (normally grade between 3 and 6) and I now do teach them with all English speaking in class.

Where is very nearby, take just 15 mins to go there and I teach them 3 or 4 hours a day now and rest of times are used for preparing lessons.

Sure not easy very hard, lots of sweat always be.. but very worth for them and myself.Thankfully, I could keep study with the childen that I can learn basic grammer things, useful : )

And also I often remember you my first English teacher always I thank you from eailer days. And have good tomorrow!!

See you again!! I wish you take care and I wish you full of happy days will be with you!!

- Always happy, Ellie -


Anonymous said...

That was very sweet! It must feel quite rewarding to be a teacher. :)

Jenna said...

I think a lot Ellie's success happens to be from her own studying (she studies soooo much!) But it is nice to have a wee part in it. ~