Saturday, July 18, 2009

Business Planning. It's what gets results.

This week is my 9 month anniversary week - who can believe it? I am well and truly over the hump and on the countdown. It's not that I am dying to leave the place - because I really love it here but I am the type of person who needs to know what I am going to be doing in the next 6 months.

Because I am planning a trip to see Stu on my way home, I started inquiring with my school and sorting out the best way to get there. I was under the impression that if I wasn't going straight to New Zealand I would get reimbursed the cost of my airfare to Korea and I would pay the rest of the fare myself. This is not the case.
If I am not going home, they would give me 700,000 won towards my trip home because I am going via other countries (my flight here was twice that) boo! I'm not sure what other schools do, but it's a general G.E.C. policy that I just didn't know about so I'm not gonna jump up and down about it or anything.

So, at the end of my contract I am going to be doing shitloads of flying. It was about $1000 cheaper for me to fly to London (via Hong Kong), meet Stu there - have a wee European trip in between (this was going to be Turkey but now has changed to Paris), then go back to Korea (via Hong Kong) pick up my things and go to NZ. I actually got the most amazing, ridiculously cheap flights to London, so it's ok (STA is amazing, if you are 26 and under - use it.) Luckily, I am allowed to leave Korea officially (with my school paying for the entire ticket back home) 2 weeks after my contract is finished.

One thing I have learned about this blog is that it saves me from having to repeat myself and that is awesome. This is why I am telling you this now ~ and for my Dunediners: I will be back around the 6th November, with just weeks to spare before Mum and Michael get married.^^

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