Monday, July 20, 2009

Boryeong Mud Festival

The Mud Festival is an annual, 9 day long event that is held in Boryeong which is about an hour south of Seoul. The mud is dug up from a near by town and dumped on the esplanade of Daecheon Beach - it is meant to be super rich in minerals and super great for your skin.

I was admittedly a little apprehensive about going to the mud festival, I had heard many rumours of many drunk, obnoxious foreigners (SCARY!) and some more of no transport or accommodation. We decided just to risk it and head the second weekend of the festival in which it seems all of the aforementioned foreigners were too hungover from the weekend before to come and the Korean families came out in droves because of this reason. We had a wee crew of Colleen and Mark and their great friend Kenny who teaches in Japan - of course as usual, a core excellent crew makes for the best times and this was no different.

The first day was pretty ridiculous. They set up all of these games and pits of mud to play in, but it was so windy that many were down - this did not break our spirits and we got muddy.
We got swimmy. My lens starts getting a bit steamed up at this point.
Colour muddy.
And the kids were so cute as always - especially little bluey - he melts and freezes my heart at the same time.
In the evening they had performances on the giant stage in which it just got sooo monsoony. The good thing about the monsoon was that when you decide you are just going to get wet - dancing around to K-pop, is just really fun. We danced along the beach in the wild wind as the tide was coming in and it was one of those things that I was thinking: I am never going to do anything like this again.
However, it wasn't fun for my camera which is drying out in rice as I type.
After the concert we dragged our wet bums to a Min Bak - which is a type of accommodation where you just all lay out on mattresses in an empty room and literally passed out from exhaustion (and probably a little alcohol.) 
I managed to add to my "porn in sleazy Korean accommodation" series.
The second day was just beautiful (Pictures from Marku - Thanku.) The night previous had left me with literally no dry clothes so I was left to wear a t-shirt and a pair of boy leg undies that I just willed to pass off as shorts.
I bypassed the mud and and just swam in the huge warm waves, the beach was absolutely packed in a mixture of muddy and clean Koreans and it was such a fun atmosphere.
We headed home, stinky, damp and sunburned on the long train back to Yongsan for dinner.
I was still in my undies when we were in Seoul and felt like I was having a bit of an togs, togs, undies situation. But I dealt with it. (If you don't understand, watch this ad - which is my favourite EVER!)

The whole weekend was super cheap as well - I think I spent about 60,000 for food, travel and accommodation. Zing! 


Julia said...

love the mud shots - especially the blue mud. And the blue night sea shot...
And the togs/togs/undies ad - cute - I wonder if I could work it into one of my lessons....Julia

Jenna said...

Being here I have learned that not many people use the words "undies" or "togs". But you should definitely do a lesson on kiwi lingo, another one of my favourite ads is the L&P "stubbies" one. So funny!

Leilana said...

Jenna!! This blog is sooo beautiful and interesting. I love the picture on the beach at night.
You're a genius at making me interested in Korea.


Jenna said...

Aw thanks Lei! Korea IS interesting and so are you.^^