Friday, June 12, 2009

The Student Diaries: Part 2.

I am so sad I do not have a camera, but don't worry, my student Sophia will give you an orgasmic visual experience of what eating chocolate is like. (I'm guessing this is copied from a wrapper of some sort.)

11th June 2009.
Title: Chocolate.

We all use our senses - sight, smell, sound, touch and taste - When we asses the quality of dark chocolate.
Appearance: The chocolate should be smooth, very shiny and pure mahogany in color.
Smell: The chocolate should not smell too sweet.
Sound: The chocolate should be crisp and make a distinct "snap" when broken in two.

It is best to taste chocolate on an empty stomach. It is also best to eat it at room temperature. Allow the chocolate to sit in your mouth for a few moments to release its primary flavors and aromas. Then chew it five to ten times to release the secondary aromas. Let it rest lightly against the roof of your mouth to experience the full range of flavors. Finally, enjoy the lingreing tastes in your mouth.

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