Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Student Diaries: Part 1

I have dreamed of this day! Because my classes have been so low level I've never had the pleasure of having students who write diaries and I have always been jealous of my friend Colleens Korean quote list.
But now the day has come!
I have this new student Sophia, who is lovely but obviously a suck up and quite fond of the ol' internet translator - she has written me a few beauties already.
I will start with the suck-up diary entry, which quite frankly, she can write all she likes.^^

10th June 2009.
Weather: There is a threat of rain in the wind.

Title: to Jenna teacher (Letter)

Dear Jenna teacher

Hello! Jenna teacher! How's it going?
I'm feeling great. Because I did good on a test yesterday and today.
I think you are pretty. Because you look young and you has pretty brown hair. And you are kind and nice to each others. Do you know my secret?
I like everyone here. including you And I like English.

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