Saturday, June 20, 2009


- Tom and I were feeling a bit seedy from our soju filled carry on the night before. We had some monsoon weather but braved it to do some shopping at Dongdaemun with Sarah.
We then went to one of our favourite restaurants in Hongdae with Kayla - Zen - which is Asian Italian infused goodness: soooo delicious!

- Had cocktails at the lovely T12 where Tom enjoyed the seaweed snacks very much.
Then we headed to Itaewon. I usually stay as far away from Itaewon as I can but I have to admit it has a fabulous street called "Homo Hill" to which we danced the night away at Queen, which played all the hits: Madonna, Kylie and Beyonce.
- I ran into some lovely Finnish men (who were not odd looking) and I was telling them how I have stopped in Helsinki a few times when I have flown Finnair - they turned out to be the very flamboyant Finnair cabin crew on a stopover.

-On Homo Hill, I saw the most lady boys that I have ever seen all in one go. Those Koreans work it well. I wish I had a secret camera with an amazing flash to capture it all.

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